Friday, January 1, 2016

Project Patience has moved!

I'm really excited to announce this New Year that Project Patience has moved!

I've been in the process of switching over from Blogger here, to WordPress. I was also able to obtain my own domain, and throughout a whole lot of technical maneuvering, (Thanks, Aunt Sue!) migrate all my previous posts and all their comments over to the WordPress site.

You will now find Project Patience at...

All new posts will be posted there.

I'm continuing to update and work with the whole look of the blog. It's quite a lot of fun, really. ;)

Blogging is a huge project, I'm finding. There really is a ton that goes on behind the scenes, and I'm so thankful for the smoothness of this shift, and the ability to reach out to others who have already gone through the process.

So, yeah! Go to to keep an eye on all the new developments. :)

Hello, 2016! Let's make the visions reality.